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What We Do

  • Hand Pick
  • Freeze-Dry
  • Lock In Goodness

All You Have To Do

  • Add Blendi
  • Add Water
  • Blend
Say “No” to Plastic

Say “No” to Plastic

You might be surprised to find us Blogging about plastic bottles instead of our normal good for you Blendi plant food. We at Blendi are continuing to play our part for the environment. We have all seen the way the reusable water bottles & coffee cups are now becoming...

Is Sugar Good or Bad?

Is Sugar Good or Bad?

At Blendi we are really open when it comes to sugar. Our Blendi products are healthy, natural, plant-based and picked perfectly when ripe, fresh from frozen locking in the nutrients until you are ready to activate them once again by just adding water.  Blendi are...

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