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Is Sugar Good or Bad?

At Blendi we are really open when it comes to sugar. Our Blendi products are healthy, natural, plant-based and picked perfectly when ripe, fresh from frozen locking in the nutrients until you are ready to activate them once again by just adding water.  Blendi are intended for active people who want nutritious fruit & vegetables […]

Performance Athletes Travelling

OUR FAVOURITE REVIEW THIS MONTH – TENNIS PHINATIC CHARLIE PENMAN   “I honestly think they’re awesome! They fill a gap that’s difficult/time consuming for a tennis player to get decent smoothies/shakes in before & after matches when away from home. I have let other friends/players try Blendi, but only once as I liked them too […]

The Best Liver Cleanse Diet

The best liver cleanse diet – Taking care of the clean machine! It’s February, and with this cold weather, many of us have yet to get back to a good routine since Christmas ended. You’re probably feeling tired and sluggish and in need of a good internal spring clean. Your liver has been at the […]

Tips for 2018 food trends

Food & Bev Live 2018 is happening tomorrow, (February 6th) and it’s an exciting week for Blendi. The CityWest event is set to pop the Blendi’s exhibiting cherry! Founder Yvonne is sure to keep her cool though as this wouldn’t be her first food exhibition rodeo! We caught up with her to reminisce about her […]

Is Ginger Good For You? Let us count the ways!

In these times of hyper healthiness and superfood saturation, almost everyone has more than a passing knowledge of how to keep their nutrition at optimum levels, so no one needs to ask is ginger good for you; the question is really how many different uses does this mega spice have in the human body! Let’s […]

High Fibre Foods to improve your Health

One thing that confuses us here at Nu Lyfe Foods is we all, in fact, get enough protein in our diets unless you are a Gym or Sports fanatic, and the world has gone mad on protein this, protein that and protein the other.  Every food start-up is chasing this space, what we do not […]