Do you want to give your employees more healthy options? Here at Blendi we want to help you create a culture of corporate wellness. We want to optimise your office by bringing the zing of fresh fruit and vegetables into your company’s daily routine. Give them the option of smoothies in seconds with our Boardroom Blendi Corporate Wellness Program, launching in January 2018

We’ve no doubt your employees work hard, and you want to facilitate this as much as possible.

So what are the go-to choices for a quick recharge in your company canteen? Tea? Coffee? Chocolate bars? Crisps?

Tried and tested and loved by many, but if your employees could have a smoothie with the same ease as the old caffeinated classics, don’t you think they would?

And wouldn’t it be nice to give them the choice? That’s what corporate wellness is all about and we want to bring this idea to life in your company.

We want to bring Blendi to your boardroom!

Corporate Wellness’ Benefits

The concept of corporate wellness programs are no longer in their infancy but many companies have yet to implement a wellness solution to their company culture.

The benefits are manifold:


Happy healthy workers are less inclined to leave their positions meaning your workforce stays populated with people who have been there longer, bringing a stronger sense of community and loyalty.


Word of corporate wellness programs spreads in working communities. When word get out that you’re looking after your workers, you will attract premium candidates when recruiting for new roles.


Employees whose workplace wellbeing is being looked after are happier and will work harder in their jobs. Corporate wellness breeds increased productivity. Taking care of your employees via the medium of wellness solutions shows them that you are not just focused on the company’s needs but on the long-term wellbeing of your employees.

How does the Boardroom Blendi Corporate Wellness Program work?

Blendi’s brilliance lies in its ease and convenience. All you need is a powerpoint to plug in our blender, just like a kettle. Depending on your office size you can place as many as you might need.
We will provide all your employees or as many as you would like, with their own mini Blendi bottle, with blades and lid.
You can then order your Blendies, which can stay at the blender area, just like coffee or teabags.

It’s this simple!

  1. Open a Blendi
  2. Pop it in your personalised Blendi bottle
  3. Add water
  4. Whizz it on the Boardroom Blendi blender
  5. Head back to your desk and enjoy

The personal bottles and blades mean there’s no mess for the next person and the blending area stays clean and dry! It really is that simple!

Boardroom Blendi Corporate Wellness Kit

So what’s in our Boardroom Blendi Kit? The following are the unit prices so your order can be amended to suit the size and needs of your workforce.

• Boardroom Blendi Blender
• Blendi Bottles with blade and lid
• Box of 48 Blendies
• Box of 96 Blendies

Catering for your company’s workplace wellbeing comes in many shapes and sizes but installing the Boardroom Blendi Corporate Wellness Program is a great place to start.

Boardroom Blendi is launching in January 2018. If you want more information, please fill in the request form below.

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