Can it really be May  already? The first quarter of the  year has flown by with non-stop news & awards for Blendi for our  plant-based product and zero waste movement.   We are only weeks on the market and did not predict the huge support we have received from all over the world   A younger, more informed generation are looking for brands like Blendi that stand for more than just profit but integrity & social responsibility.

The World is changing, people want healtheri lives and are committed to looking after our ravaged, beautiful planet. Here at Blendi we continue to share inspiring stories & valuable resources so you can live your BEST life.

Thanks for supporting us.

A little shout out  last month to Co-Founder Shane for competing in the Irish All Stars Business Awards & telling his story in how Blendi came about.

Tight lipped, but cant help mentioning that we have been approached by several channels looking to distribute Blendi  in retail we shall have some breaking news next month.

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