Why & what is Blendi ?

You know the very day you feel like a  Smoothie but your  fruit bowl is empty ? or you just don’t have the time to peel, chop,  wash & oh and to think about the sticky mess after preparing one smoothie  ….  Well for those days …. Let us introduce you to  Blendi

Blendi is a single serving of Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable enabling you to have a Smoothie in Seconds.  Rip it open pop into a Blender add liquid (or for best results add 10 cubes of ice) & Blend for 1 min.  The same creamy taste and nutritional integrity as using fresh ingredients.

What is the difference between a Juice & Smoothie ?

A Smoothie is blended (with a Blender) using whole pieces of fruit and vegetables and other superfoods.  The outcome is nutrient rich, thick and filling & lots of fiber.  Juice on the other hand involves a juice extractor (Juicer) that separates the juice and the pulp into different compartments.  Juice is a thin liquid.  Both so good for us in their own way.

Is Blendi sold by Subscription?

Yes !    Blendi is sold by subscription  however because you won’t have tasted anything like a  Blendi before, we will let you try before you buy  (buy a taster pack of 4)

If you choose to purchase by subscription, you can lock in some savings and early access to our exciting new products launches  in 2018.  …. Can’t say just yet !

What I need to do to cancel my subscription?

Our cancellation process it is quite simple, you just need to go to your account > subscription > cancel subscription (5 days before an upcoming delivery). You can register again any time.


I have moved, where can I change my address?

Go to your account, and under addresses you will be able to edit your billing and shipping address.


Blendi Ingredients

Can I pick which ingredients go into my Blendi ?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have that option to customize individual Blendi’s, but please do email us your  ideas  for future  Blendi recipes always looking for inspiration!

Can I add fresh fruit & vegetables to a Blendi?

Now you are asking proper questions !

Yes ! Yes ! … you can add anything to a Blendi, to boost the nutrition further  – suggestions could be  protein, probiotics,  seeds, superfoods, botanicals & yes you can add peanut butter!

Seriously, if you add  a small teaspoon of chia seeds it provides  all your omega-3’s, fiber and several vitamins and minerals for the day.   Add extra dark green vegetables for extra iron.

Are Blendi ingredients organic and GMO-free?

Our number one aim is to source the highest quality ingredients we can find for our Blendi’s.  All our suppliers have been personally vetted (videos to follow) to ensure our produce are sourced to the highest standard.  All our ingredients are GMO-free, currently 50% of our ingredients are organic but due to seasonality we can’t always ensure 100%.

In addition to bringing you the best ingredients, we’re also committed to serving the less fortunate. All leftover produce from our distribution facilities are donated to some of our favourite food  programs.  We are currently sourcing a children’s charity to associate ourselves with.

What is the shelf life for Blendi?

Unopened Blendi will remain shelf stable for 18 months.  Once opened  and liquid added use within 2-days  stored  in the refrigerator.  Blendi’s can also be frozen to last for months.

When using from fridge or freezer re-blend with a small amount of water.  You will see it holds so well!

How many calories are in a Blendi?

Generally Blendi ranges from 100 to 200 calories per serving. We will be adding more nutritional information shortly.

I have some health concerns, how do I know if Blendi is right for me?

Blendi  is made from whole fresh fruit, vegetables and superfoods that are rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fats and natural sugars. However not one diet fits all everybody reacts differently to certain foods (personalised nutrition).  We recommend if you have any concerns about eating fruit and vegetables talk to your doctor or physician to see if Blendi is right for your diet.


What are the Delivery Charges?

Free delivery for all orders!

Where do you deliver?

Currently all over Europe

Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?

Nope! We do not require that you be at home, nor do we require a signature to deliver your package. Our delivery partners will do their best to successfully and safely deliver your package.

When can I expect my delivery to arrive?

Your box is scheduled to arrived 5 working day after payment is received.

How can I recycle my packaging material?

All our packaging boxes are recyclable, and we ask you to reuse, then recycle the material!

So excited…  mid 2018 we are working on our Blendi pouches being 100% compostable, yes disintegrate like an orange skin within 18 months!

We are always working at being eco-friendly with a small carbon footprint.  If you have any suggestions  please let us know.

Can I make my Blendi’s on the Go?

Soon can’t say anymore!  Subscribe to our email to get our newsfeed.

Anything else?

Blendi is first to market and in spreading  the Blendi word from time to time we will randomly select names from our mailing list and suprise them with a box of Blendi’s & ask them to nominate a friend as well  – so don’t forget to join the Blendi Revolution!

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