Is Sugar Good or Bad?

At Blendi we are really open when it comes to sugar. Our Blendi products are healthy, natural, plant-based and picked perfectly when ripe, fresh from frozen locking in the nutrients until you are ready to activate them once again by just adding water.  Blendi are intended for active people who want nutritious fruit & vegetables at the ready. If you eat too much of anything, there are bound to be negative side-effects, and sugar is no different.  Not all sugars are created equally, and what’s attached to them can make a big difference to your energy levels, and your waistline.

Is All Sugar The Same?
Once it eventually gets broken down to be used as energy, yes, all sugar is the same, but wait!

Glucose is the simplest form of sugar. It is what your cells use as their main energy source, and it’s easy to get too much of it, sending your blood sugar levels sky rocketing.

Fructose is what’s in fruit. It’s harder to break down but eventually ends up powering your cells in the same way.

Sucrose is a combination of the two, and because your body has to work harder to process it, it builds up more easily in your blood. Basic table sugar is essentially sucrose.

Why Is Natural Sugar Better?
So, you could say that natural sugars – that is, not processed table sugar such as honey, coconut sugar and sugar from fruit, are better for you because they break down in a more efficient way, not too quickly, not too slowly, just right. This is true, but, the real reason natural sugars are better for your body, if consumed as part of the food you find them in, is that they’re attached to other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which regulate their release into the bloodstream. Our point is that natural sugar is still SUGAR, but it comes as part of a higher-quality package, when you eat it in fruit and vegetables.

Why not try out Blendi Smoothies for a healthy source of natural sugar.

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