Yvonne and Shane - Founders of Blendi Smoothies

Blendi – Pressing the Pause Button on Nature ….
Until you are ready to Press


We founded Blendi after a series of ‘Smoothie’ & superfood frustrations.

Yvonne:  Firstly, not always having fresh ingredients to hand when you want to make a smoothie, the hassle of preparing smoothies from scratch and then cleaning up the sticky mess!!  The amount of waste thrown out at the end of the week of fruit and vegetables not used up.

Superfoods are essential for everyday boost but not always easy to consume.

We started using freeze dried fruit and vegetables – 100% natural, same taste and nutritional value as using fresh and adding superfoods which became our Blendi Plus.

Shane:  We tapped into technology and found a portable USB Blender which gives you 20 Blendi’s ‘on the go’ and then charge it up on your iphone or computer… and simple to clean too!

This is how we came up with Blendi and we would love to hear from you on what superfoods to consider in our next range of Blendi plus.

We hope you too will enjoy staying healthy and having fun with Blendi.

Yvonne & Shane x

“Simply pressing the pause button on nature”

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