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Yvonne and Shane - Founders of Blendi Smoothies

Blendi – Pressing the Pause Button on Nature ….
Until you are ready to Press




BLENDI was created by a mum who wanted to create a healthy product for her son growing up. This is our story, but it’s also kind of everyone’s story.                                                                                                        


Myself and Shane returned to Dublin having lived overseas, my occupation was as an entrepreneur. That had been all I knew, but I had lost all my magic and creativity and as a single mum, I decided the only option left was to go back to college and reskill.

My college timetable meant that when Shane, who had just turned 14, returned home from school in the evenings, on occasion he relied on pot noodles to tie him over until I returned  It was healthier than the biscuit tin but not by much!

I could see how handy the rehydration of dried foods were for teens and for working parents and as a qualified chef thought perhaps I could make a healthier version using the same principle of speed and convenience that makes Pot Noodle so easy but with no preservatives if fact only using  natural ingredients.

Food is really important, it affects you mentally and physically especially during your growth spurt and I wanted to ensure that Shane was getting what he needed during that all-important phase.


I gave my new business the name “Nu Lyfe Foods” and started importing dehydrated, dried and freeze dried vegetables, noodles and sprouts, in an effort  make dried  meals for Shane, but I could not develop a good tasting meal, it was bland  and flavourless. Nu Lyfe Foods was doomed.

Shane is a high performance tennis player and around that time, on realising the importance of eating well, he began making smoothies. One day he reached over for some of my dried carrots, broccoli and apple to add to his lonely banana in the blender. We both watched the blade knock them all into action. It worked! We sent four recipes to get them nutritionally analysed and they came back as containing the same nutrients as using fresh ingredients!
Our concept was born!


We decided to change the name Nu Lyfe Foods to…Blendi.

We started importing all natural ingredients and we launched in January 2018.
The rest, as they say is history!



Blendi “The Eeeese of Smoothies”

No Prep-No Mess-No Waste

“Simply pressing the pause button on nature”

Blendi around the world 2017

Pre-launch Blendi November 2017

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