Personalised Nutrition – What makes you so special?

I was introduced to the term Personalised Nutrition back in 2016 at the Geneva Vitafoods Exhibition. There was a lot of buzz at the time about the potential and when personalized nutrition goes mainstream the benefits to the consumer by changing the way we consume food in our pursuit of daily wellness.

The following year I returned to Vitafoods and Personalised Nutrition was now listed as the number 4 top food trends for 2017, as companies across the food and pharma industries compete to offer products that deliver beneficial functionality for the consumer on a targeted level. (It reached No 2 in Key Trends 2018)





But do you know what is Personalised Nutrition really is?

Personalized Nutrition is not about replacing traditional food, but supplementing our diets based on an algorithm taking place on an app you are wearing or feeding (pardon the pun) information based on your age, diet, lifestyle, DNA.

Not only will personalized nutrition optimize your health but it may also work on a larger scale to prevent society-wide diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease & cancer.

We are on the cusp of personalized nutrition and Blendi is positioning ourselves to be at the forefront to help our customers take their superfoods on the go.

Join the Blendi Revolution!

Yvonne & Shane


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