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Company Overview

Blendi has been developed not only as a convenience and healthy product but an innovative brand to enable the consumer take their superfoods. The convenience element of Blendi is a smoothie in seconds and  soon “on-the-go” with their  USB portable mini Blender (which will be on sale middle 2018). In short, no more long preparations of chopping, peeling, washing ingredients, no longer confined to the kitchen and never again run out of ingredients to make a smoothie. It could be compared to a Nespresso for Smoothies. “Blendi will do for Smoothies what Nespresso has done for Coffee…. making it Convenient. Yvonne Dolan Founder, entrepreneur since age 19, developed four previous start-ups with three successful exits a qualified Ballymaloe Chef and recently obtained Diplomas in Digital Marketing and Diploma (DIT) Enterprenuership & Development.

Product Information

Blendi is a packet of freeze dried fruit, vegetables, superfoods, rip it open,  pour into a blender, add liquid and blend. The result is a creamy delicious tasting smoothie with the same nutritional value as using fresh ingredients.

Blendi is a plant based product, no added sugar, flavourings, preservatives a “Free From” product, delivering four unique flavours: Hey Orange, Go Green, Pink Grain, Purple Rain. They are working on having their  Blendi  packaging 100% compostable by mid 2018.  (packaging that will disintegrate in 18 months like an orange peel)

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