Yvonne and son Shane receiving the winners award for best new food concept at the World Food Innovation awards in the UK on the 9th of March 2018.


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“THANK YOU SO MUCH for my delicious smoothies! As a vegan who travels a huge amount, I have genuinely been waiting years for something like this. I have spent far too many days eating bags of crisps from vending machines or resorting to Starbucks whilst on motorways with no access to fresh food, or while travelling through countries that are very meat-heavy and don’t understand plant-based! NOW I can bring my own nutritious and delicious meal with me and it’s really game-changing! So delighted! ”
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“I decided to order the ‘selection of 16’ We all love them. My 20 & 18year old’s loved them as they were. I added a spoon of frozen yogurt & some banana for my 12year old!! So quick & easy – thrilled with them! ”
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“I just tried the purple rain Blendi this morning after the gym. It was yummy! The great thing about these products is how easy they are to make and no mess! I can’t wait to try the other flavours. There is enough for 2 servings in each pouch so excellent value for money. ”
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“I honestly think they’re awesome! They fill a gap that’s difficult/time consuming for a tennis player to get decent smoothies/shakes before/after matches when they’re away from home. I’ve had them every day when I’ve got back to the house. Like the purple best but orange is great too!”
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“Thank you. I love the product, I add in almond milk and avocados
Makes it nice creamy”
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“Really tasty and just so convenient especially in the morning because there is no mess to clean up and no waste! My favourite is Purple Rain. ”
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Our Sustainability Policy

Responsible sourcing is a way of doing business that enables us to say with confidence that we know where our ingredients and packing materials come from and how they were made. Because we are a start-up and our first order does not meet the quota for compostable packaging we will meet it in May 2019. (Bare with us).

We work with our suppliers to ensure that our supply chains are transparent, from the source to the finished product. It also means identifying and addressing key issues along the way, including human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, health and safety, and business integrity.

Our ingredients are made using the whole fruit or vegetable this includes skin, core, pips, and seeds, meaning that we produce zero food waste. This is with the exception of pineapples & coconut (nobody likes a prickly or hairy skin) so we peel and top!

We are very serious about helping to protect and repair the environment. We want to ensure that the next generation can enjoy this planet in all its beauty and that means cleaning up this huge mess that we as a race have been making since the 1950s. With our compostable policy in place for May we also will be launching Blendi Snacks (no packaging) …….

Blendi Food Policy Walks The Walk

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