Say “No” to Plastic

You might be surprised to find us Blogging about plastic bottles instead of our normal good for you Blendi plant food.
We at Blendi are continuing to play our part for the environment.

We have all seen the way the reusable water bottles & coffee cups are now becoming a lifestyle product or I should say “a lifesaving product”, (saving sea mammels) and protecting the earth for our future generations. Until now there had been no solution for a reusable bottle to replace the plastic smoothies and juice bottles until we got thinking and will the help of some clever designers in India are now launching our Blendi Smart.

That’s right set off in the morning with your Blendi Smart & Blendi Pack just add water or milk & Blend you can also make a meal substitute by adding yogurt, a banana, avocado coconut milk, you decide.


Best Instagram of someone using Blendi Smart we will send a free Blendi Smart out to your bestie.

Yvonne & Shane

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