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Blendi Hey Orange!

Your Portable Breakfast

Go Orange Smoothie Blendi

Blendi Hey Orange – DESK’FAST

Blendi Hey Orange is the ultimate sunshine start to your day. It’s loaded with an equal amount of carrots (31%) and bananas (31%), backed up by some citrus sass from oranges (19%) and tropical sweetness in mangos (19%), with a final zing injection from ginger.

At a glance, here’s what the ingredients of your Blendi Hey Orange will be doing for you!

  • Carrots are so full of beta-carotene they don’t even know where to put it anymore. This rambunctious root is also a great source of antioxidants Furthermore, they are rich in vitamin A, C, K, and B8, as well as pantothenic acid, folate, iron, copper, and manganese. Take a bow carrots.
  • Bananas practically invented potassium and combined with their magnesium content they can protect against cramps before exercise. You know what else they have in spades? Pectin: a soluble dietary fiber and natural detoxifier that is a great friend to digestion.
  • Oranges are no stranger to the morning ritual and were the obvious title fruit for Blendi Hey Orange! The poster fruits for vitamin C, oranges also keep some calcium and copper in their kit bag too.
  • Enter Mangoes. These tropical treats are absolute fortresses of fiber, come armed with full tanks of vitamin C and A, not to mention they taste utterly divine!
  • Last but by no means least, we have ginger, so strong it only needs a fraction of its fruity colleagues, but giving the benefits of all of them put together. For more of ginger’s benefits check out our blog post.

Blendi Hey Orange will refresh and revive you in the morning and get your digestive system fired up for the day. Just add the liquid of your choice, some ice, blend, and go!

High In Fiber


Blendi is simply freeze-dried fruits and vegetables (which maintains nutritional integrity).

Ingredients: Banana 31%, Carrot 31%, Mango 19%, Orange 19%, Ginger 1%.



Blendi The Carrier Blendi is simply dried raw fruit and vegetables, nothing added that’s your job ! design your own Blendi by adding natural flavourings chilli, coconut, ginger, honey. Blendi can also take on all those ancient grains, seeds and a great carrier for superfoods, wheatgrass protein etc. Whatever is in your fruit bowl or fridge throw it in – Blendi can carry it !

Making a Blendi

  1. Pour Blendi into your Blender, add ice cold water or 12 cubes of ice
  2. Give it a good Shake
  3. Blend for 1 min


  • For extra creaminess & sweetness add a fresh banana
  • Want a Blendi to share – add extra bananas, avocados … keep adding
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Go Orange Smoothie Blendi

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