Responsible sourcing is a way of doing business that enables us to say with confidence that we know where our ingredients and packing materials come from and how they were made. Because we are a start-up and our first order does not meet the quota for compostable packaging we will meet it in May 2019. (Bare with us).

We work with our suppliers to ensure that our supply chains are transparent, from the source to the finished product. It also means identifying and addressing key issues along the way, including human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, health and safety, and business integrity.

Our ingredients are made using the whole fruit or vegetable this includes skin, core, pips, and seeds, meaning that we produce zero food waste. This is with the exception of pineapples & coconut (nobody likes a prickly or hairy skin) so we peel and top!

We are very serious about helping to protect and repair the environment. We want to ensure that the next generation can enjoy this planet in all its beauty and that means cleaning up this huge mess that we as a race have been making since the 1950s. With our compostable policy in place for May we also will be launching Blendi Snacks (no packaging) …….